Organization, thy name is Baskets


I have been having a serious issue with losing things lately. My keys. My glasses! Had to buy new ones. My phone! Had buy a new one of those too. And the lost items have since been located by my husband and 3 year old son several days later.

What. The. Hell?

So clearly I need a better organizational system. Since I can’t afford to go nuts at The Container Store, I’ll just crochet myself a few of these babies and hang them above my night stand. One for glasses and phone, keys, and work ID badge.

Nothing like a good free pattern to get you jazzed about not losing your crap.

No Longer a Slave to Stitch Markers!!!



Suck on that traditional stitch markers who have no openings! Why don’t they have openings?! How in the name of crafting are you supposed to to get them off?!

I never understood this and thought there had to be another way. Then Pinterest showed me the light. Make your own with earring closures! It’s so obvious I could punch myself in the face.


Lever back earring clasps. Jazz them up with a charm and you have an easy, inexpensive solution. I bought these at Micheals for just a few bucks. No sticking to yarn, easy to attach even easier to remove. My life just got a little easier. And I freaking love it!

Holiday Honey-do. Candy corn: Part One


My son is starting to get as excited by crochet as I do but only because he knows he gets stuff. At first he was just the smallest head in the house to try my projects on. Now he’s placing orders with his own agenda in mind.

Iron Man amigurumi. Batman capes. And now…toy candy corn. Good lord. I know it seems easy to most but let’s not forget I’m a newbie here.

God bless! This is the cutest little candy corn fella I have ever seen! Hopefully I will have it finished before Halloween has come and gone.

Nanananana Batman!

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 1.22.47 PM

I recently took on the project of making a my son a super hero cape since his beloved t-shirt featuring Batman symbol and removable cape started getting small on him. With a stand alone cape, he can wear it with anything and we can end the nightly tug of war about washing the cursed shirt that he’s lived in for a week. The one below is what I came up with without a pattern. Please keep in mind that I’m an artist and I get sensitive about my schtuff.



I love the collar and how that turned out.  I HATE capes that you tie, especially on younger kids because I’m terrified they will end up choking themselves. So I made the collar broad and connects with a side release parachute buckle. It’s awesome! DS (Dear Son) can undo it himself and a much reduced chance of anything getting too tight on his neck. So good vibes there.

What I hate is the cape it’s self, I need another kind of yarn for it. The one I used was Red Heart With Love but I think it’s too fuzzy. I wanted it soft but it tends to get giant fuzzies upon impact with his toys or velcro.

I’ll be making another one as soon as I figure out what kind of material I want to use again. In the mean time, I have a happy Batman child running through the house.

In the Pink…or Whatever Color You Want Really


I have a confession. I typically hate purse patterns. Why you may ask? Cause the all look so dopey! That’s fine for kids but I want something with so sophistication damn it!

I have searched high and low. The best patterns are in Japanese which is awesome but I can’t read it. Then the heavens parted and bestowed this beauty on me!

Lovely! I would proudly sport or gift this. Just need to figure how to lining…