Good Chemo Caps are Hard to Find


A dear friend of mine just found out her mother has cancer and is starting chemo and radiation. So I’m making her a chemo cap. I finished one already but it’s not quite what I want for her. She’s a fine woman and deserves a beautiful hat. Why do so many chemo caps lack beauty?!

It’s bad enough you’re fighting for your life but you have to wear an ugly hat too? Insult to injury.

And then I found this one. Elegant and simple. Perfect! Free pattern to boot. I’m still sending her the first I made because she was on my heart when I did it but this one will soon follow.

Side note: #awesomeness


This has zippo to do with crochet or knitting but had to share. So I’ve been going through massive issues which crochet helps with but this new lanyard for work doesn’t hurt either!

Waffle House! Ha! ‘Member that? That place was epic! Has nothing to do with my actual job and bonus: it keeps walmart shoppers from repeatedly asking if I work there when I run errands on my lunch break!

Ripe for the Picking!


Holy crow! I saw this and I almost peed myself. I thought it was beaded at first but no…no my dulcet darlings. It is crocheted!

How in the name of hooking does someone pull that off???

And clearly it’s small, its got a brooch pin seen to the back. Something of this beauty needs to be in a museum of contemporary art, not bouncing about on the bosom of some stranger.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Unicorn Hats



This past week has been beyond rough. Nothing a little medication can’t fix, hopefully. I have been trying to be optimistic but more than being Mrs. Mary Sunshine I have tried to keep myself occupied. Hence the mystic beauty you see before you!

Repeat Crafter Me has had this up on their site for ages and I have lusted after it, thinking I was too green to pull it off. Well, shut my mouth wide open! Ain’t that the darnedest thing! I CAN do it after all.

And check out the colors! Aren’t they lovely? Lovely I say! Just the mane left to finish and it’s golden. Victory is sweet.