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Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant, Antique Silver*

I can never find my scissors when I need them. NEVER! The damn things go missing at least 4 times day. Right now I’m sitting down about to crochet and I’m looking…nope…no scissors. Where the hell do they go? Better question: Know what I need? A pendant what cuts my yarn. Pshaw, you say? No. For serious, they really do exist. Here’s one now!

Like a ninja star what hangs about your neck, this baby will be there in your time of need and unlike the damnable scissors, will not abandon you in your hour of need. A gentle tug of your hand and your line is cut! EASY! LOVE IT!

* You should also know that I am experimenting with some affiliate marketing in this post. It’s no biggie but if you were going to check out and possibly purchase said item, using my link helps keep my blog going. If not, we are still friends for reals.

Organization, thy name is Baskets


I have been having a serious issue with losing things lately. My keys. My glasses! Had to buy new ones. My phone! Had buy a new one of those too. And the lost items have since been located by my husband and 3 year old son several days later.

What. The. Hell?

So clearly I need a better organizational system. Since I can’t afford to go nuts at The Container Store, I’ll just crochet myself a few of these babies and hang them above my night stand. One for glasses and phone, keys, and work ID badge.

Nothing like a good free pattern to get you jazzed about not losing your crap.

No Longer a Slave to Stitch Markers!!!



Suck on that traditional stitch markers who have no openings! Why don’t they have openings?! How in the name of crafting are you supposed to to get them off?!

I never understood this and thought there had to be another way. Then Pinterest showed me the light. Make your own with earring closures! It’s so obvious I could punch myself in the face.


Lever back earring clasps. Jazz them up with a charm and you have an easy, inexpensive solution. I bought these at Micheals for just a few bucks. No sticking to yarn, easy to attach even easier to remove. My life just got a little easier. And I freaking love it!