Be Kind. Please Rewind.


I remember a time when you would wait all day with the radio on just so you can hit the record button on your Walkman to get the latest Janet Jackson single.

And we didn’t have earphones so we had ghetto blasters balanced precariously on one shoulder to hear those dope beats up close and personal!

And we would walk up hill both ways in the snow and ice just to deliver it to our home room crush so they knew how much we cared.

Ahhh… The 90s. This one’s for you.

Perfect for your iPod or iPhone! I love me some free pattern retro shout outs!

Here Kitty Kitty!


There are cat caves and there are Cat Frikkin Caves!!! This is possibly one of the coolest felted kitty cozies I’ve ever seen! It’s like you transported your pet into a wonderland of dreams and joy and joyness!

It’s almost too good to give to my cats. I love them but they ruin EVERYTHING. My 3 year old is less destructive. And because they are smug little SOBs if I did buy it for them they wouldn’t even say thank you. They’d just rip another hole in my feet when they pounce out from behind the couch like the predators they think they are…again.